Journey of a Canadian Samurai


Hi. My name is Alex and this is my story on a little town called Bungo ono.


I took my first steps into Bungo Ono just about a year ago. Looking back at it now, I didn`t realize how deeply this city would alter my reality, hence changing the course of my future.

One quick glance at the surface of this city and it`s… it`s old. So old that this town is still in the same state as when the dead sea was just starting to get sick… yes I know, I`m awesome>:). Joking aside, this town hasn`t managed to keep up with todays ever so changing evolutionary track but relishing in it`s former glory. But being a particularly curious human with time to kill, I decided to delve deeper into what I now call home.

Just a little side note; I am half Japanese and half Canadian. I am 6`2 (5`10 without heels). I like phycological anime. And I have a weird food fetish for pomegranates… I don`t know why I just can`t get enough of them. Alright enough about me, back to the riveting tale of a lone samurai traveling the vast landscape that is Nippon.

The city of Bungo Ono is located in the vast country side of Oita prefecture. I happened upon this hidden gem called, Lodge Kiyokawa, through sheer chance when I was booking my initial trip to Japan. Planning on city hoping for the first month, I thought Bungo Ono and the lodge would be a nice little escape from all that big city action I would be force fed for most of my trip. First couple days of my trip consisted of staying in the second biggest city in size and the biggest city in loud mouthed, high energy, anime hair styled people of Osaka. Quite the intense opening. Having that rollercoaster intro into Japan, I immediately make my way south to Kyushu where my slice of nature awaits.

On the day of my arrival, I decide to take a little detour to Beppu; the most famous onsen(hot spring) city in Japan and probably the world. And if you don`t know what Japanese onsens are, please, take the time and educate yourself. I will wait……… just kidding, I ain`t waiting. Look it up later when you have time, you won`t regret it. But anyways, I took a dip in some old ass onsens, refreshing my mind before I made my way down. The only way to get to Bungo Ono is by train. The train only had two cars and at that moment I knew, I was in for a bumpy ride. Surprisingly smooth though. With plush overgrown greenery to compliment the ride, I had no complaints.

I knew I was getting close to my destination for the metropolis was starting to get scarce and all I could fathom was green. The train makes a squeaky stop as I arrive at Bungo Kiyokawa station. Taking the first few steps off the train, I didn`t realize it but I was about to change the course of my future. Part 1 End. Part 2 coming soon (Hopefully sooner than the 6th book of Game of Thrones.) Later space cowboys.