Journey of a Canadian Samurai Pt2


Samurai`s log; Earth date 20170504. Taking the first step into uncharted territory; vast, untouched landscapes leaves the eyes wanting more. Melancholy, laid back, the way of life this places atmosphere protrudes. The road ahead seems long and strenuous but make no mistake…I am Iron Man *cough* *cough*, sorry, no I meant…I am a Samurai. We do not back down from a challenge so therefore, I came open minded; for who knows what strange entities I may encounter. Will report back with further information in just a few enter keys…


The first step is always the hardest. Taking the leap from comfort to discomfort always seems to take a certain amount of willpower to force your way through this mental wall of not knowing what is on the other side. For me it was simple. If I don`t take a step off this train, I won`t have a place to sleep tonight. So into Bungo Ono I went.


First thing I noticed was the, what seemed to be, the eternal peace and quiet; cradling my body like a warm onsen. Deciding I needed to experience the city before I made my way down to Lodge Kiyokawa, I took a little stroll. What I saw was a old styled Japanese city with old people swarming the place like bees to pollen. Going from flower to flower (house to house), spreading their pollen (spreading the latest gossip or exchanging recipes), therefore inseminating more flowers for the longevity of the species (creating a sense of community). Side note: no human insemination btw. As we all may of heard Japan is lacking in that department, so maybe I should be encouraging this behavior…).

But anyways, I started making my way to Lodge Kiyokawa and devour the delicious meal that was waiting for me. As I made my way down a steep hill, I decided that to take what seemed to be a scenic short cut through the woods. There I happened upon two travelers like myself, one of them setting up camp in the thick brush. Vivien and Tomas their names were. My initial thought was, `holy shit… this can`t be Lodge Kiyokawa` thinking I had made a unfortunate mistake by booking with this place. I mean 2500 yen was cheap but it couldn’t be this barren. Turns out that because of Tomas`s lack of understanding for Japanese and English on both sides, was almost forcibly pushed into the life of a mountain man.
Side note: Google Translate…it helps a lot.


So we all went together to the Lodge as Tomas thanked me profusely for my ability to speak Japanese and saving him of his very much rational fear of bears. As we made our way down the last hill, we came into eye site of Lodge Kiyokawa. The place felt like it was out of a really savvy Instagram traveling page. Rooms in the shapes of trees, a beautiful river surrounding the entire place; like an eco fairytale.


As I get closer, I see a man. About 165cm tall, medium build, little bit of stubble(which is uncommon for Japanese workers)and with a huge smile on his face. Do you know when you see a person and it feels like you have met them before. Well that’s how I felt as I introduced myself to the man who was about to become my boss, my mentor, and my best friend. Yuki Ezoe. Pt3 will be here shortly…about 163cm short >:). See you later space cowboys.