New Year 2019


A new day, a new year, a new me; is what a lot of us will think this new year.
Lodge Kiyokawa will truly be taking a new step into the direction of the future for our lodge and city, Bungo Ono.

This wonderful landscape around us has given us a lot of opportunity to thrive as a business and community. Why reside in a nationally proclaimed `Eco Park` if not to use it to our fullest advantage to provide our supporters with a brand new experience. Therefore, throughout this coming year we will be offering some new outdoor activities and experiences! Unfortunately, we cannot spill the beans and give details too early. I mean, what is better than the anticipation of something amazing…;) These will all be promoted on our social media so make sure to keep updated on some exciting opportunities!

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has stayed and supported our Lodge. We cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for every one of you because it has let us continue working in this beautiful city and landscape. Excited to see faces of old and new in our future! See you later space cowboys.