Journey of a Canadian Samurai Pt.3


A fist. It`s hurdling towards me; an unstoppable force, which would be the words I would describe the American Midwest during elections in 2016. My very unfortunate reality. One moment I am traveling throughout the voluptuous Japanese countryside, the next moment I am eating a knuckle sushi roll. How did I get here? Where did I go wrong? It all started 2 months earlier….Alright, enough with the overdramatic bullshit. That story is for another day. Now where did I leave off….

Yuki. Quirky, short, but dashingly handsome. Unfortunately for all you ladies out there, he`s taken. I take a step forward to shake his hand, eyes meeting for the first time. My neck hurt from looking downwards trying to meet his gaze… but smile was as big as a the river wrapping around the lodge. As I knew at the moment and what would come true down the line, a true bromance was about to blossom.

As you may know, I am half Japanese and also fluent in the language, so it comes to the surprise to most Japanese people how well I can speak it. Which is unfortunately the majority of the conversations I end up having; gets little old after 2 to 3 to 300 times. The foreseen conversation would have its origin start with Yuki! Probably the only time I truly felt proud of my Japanese speaking ability. After that one time though… it felt like recycled garbage. His broken English was difficult to understand but I appreciated the effort to try and make his guests feel welcome.

A delicious meal was followed by a night of conversations with my new friends; leading to more and more beers being processed by my liver. By the end of the night, the lodge and all of its beauty had me wondering what kind of place I wanted to work in Japan; A new aged metropolis that I had become accommodated to since I was born, or the green bosom I call inland Japan.

But as I had no true options and a incurable disease called curiosity, I decided to give Yuki one of the many resume`s I had stashed away in my bag. Yuki looked at me surprised and thanked me for my interest. Not every other day do you have a random foreigner that stayed at your lodge apply for a position in the middle of nowhere, so I understood the dumbfound reaction. But never the less, it was at that moment that I saw my reality shift slowly towards this green bosom called Bungo Ono and to my future home. Pt4 coming soon to a laptop near you. See you later space cowboys.